Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric underfloor heating works by heating a room with a system of electric cables put beneath the floor. Below the floor level, a matrix of electric wires is constructed and insulated against heat loss. The cords are plugged into a normal power outlet. A programable room thermostat can be used to manage each room or “zone” independently. Electric underfloor heating is typically utilized in specific rooms, such as bathrooms or kitchens, or as an addition to a home. They’re a lot faster and easier to put together than wet systems. However, the amount of heat produced is lesser, and the operating costs are often higher. The remainder is taken care of by Ultimate Driveway.

Is it Necessary to Have Your Underfloor Heating Service?

Although underfloor heating is mostly maintenance-free, we recommend getting it regularly serviced to keep it running well. Regular maintenance of the UFH is also the most effective strategy to avoid future technical concerns. Underfloor heating systems should be serviced once a year to ensure maximum efficiency.

Ultimate Driveway‘s regular maintenance of UFH systems will increase the system’s efficiency and lessen the risks of it breaking down. If underfloor heating is not maintained or serviced for a long period, debris can accumulate. This can cause performance issues with moving parts, including valves, pumps, and flow meters.

Underfloor heating manifolds and controls are repaired and serviced by Ultimate Driveway. Our commercial and residential underfloor heating experts are certified to service all brands and types of underfloor heating equipment.

Faults in the Underfloor Heating System

Failure to keep underfloor heating systems serviced regularly might result in the following problems:

  • uneven flow rates
  • Blockages in the system’s wiring cause zones that aren’t heating up properly and pumps that aren’t working
  • clogged pipes

Taking a proactive approach to underfloor heating maintenance can help to identify potential problems early on, avoiding the need for further maintenance and repair costs.

It may be time for a service if you’ve discovered problems with the performance of your underfloor heating system. The following are signs of UFH maintenance issues:

  • Rooms are not heating up correctly due to inconsistencies in heating output.
  • Unusually high heating bills
  • At Ultimate Driveway, we can assess and maintain your underfloor heating system to identify and rectify any potential problems.

Underfloor Heating Types

Ultimate Driveway specializes in repairing and maintaining a variety of underfloor heating systems in residential and commercial buildings. An Ultimate Driveway engineer can assist you with any type or style of underfloor heating installed in your house or office.

Our underfloor heating specialists stay up to speed on the latest underfloor heating technologies, ensuring that we can repair any underfloor heating system fast and effectively. The bulk of underfloor heating maintenance concerns may be handled above ground, preserving your property and flooring. We will always deliver a thorough and detailed diagnosis to identify any potential issues and, where feasible, rectify them on the same day. So get your electric underfloor heating in the right shape by calling us today!